Friday, December 12, 2008

TA100 DIY Launch in Jakarta Next Month!

Located at the Hotel Peninsula, Jakarta, FingerTec in collaboration with Retailindo Tech will be launching the much awaited time attendance products, TA100 DIY in Indonesia on the 15 of January 2009. Sincerely yours and her humble assistant, Tamy will be there to witness the grand introduction of this true standalone fingerprint time attendance product.

We hope Retailindo rocks the show because we will not be assisting in anyway on that day, on the stage. Our mission is to witness Retailindo, Mr Eviek and Ms Sui Ping make history. Don't get us wrong, we do help before the show though. We want the event to be as local as possible with no interruptions from outsiders, international people like us. :-) And once TA100 DIY takes off in Indonesia, we want to promote this product aggressively in South Africa and Mexico.

Anybody thinks their market love this product, email me at and let's discuss on plan to conquer.

What's the fuss about TA100 DIY anyways? It's TA100 series but WITHOUT any software. All settings are done at the terminal itself and the reports can be saved in USB Flash Disk for printing. It's easy as ABC. TA100 DIY is suitable for offices with employees with less than 50 staff and those who are not interested in software (obviously!).

So, how many you want to order?

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ