Monday, March 26, 2012

Watch Out for FingerTec Ads in 2012!

Deciding on where to put your money on advertisements could be as tricky as scoring a perfect bullseye in a dart game; a slight misjudgment could divert the dart to miss the intended target. While in the dart game, the consequence could be reduced to nearly none; in business it means burning money at a very fast rate. There is a saying that one needs to spend money to gain money but resources are usually scarce at the initial and growing stage, therefore a prudent spending must be exercised to avoid draining of the cash flow to the point of no return.

In the past years, FingerTec has been focusing its effort in the Internet advertisements, placing the brand in Google and a few other sites for select regions and audiences. The brand grew organically and we are happy with the outcome but at the same time we know that the brand needs to grow further and faster in our way to become a renowned global brand. Our resellers have been asking us this question in many versions over many years, basically to mean, when are you going to advertise in the industry. And the answer is always, when the time is right. I suppose now is the right time for the brand to soar a little higher with the help of the printing media and more exposure in popular sites in the Internetland.

Choosing the right media to advertise in order to reach our intended audience should be a calculated risk. Hence, throughout 2012, do check out FingerTec advertisements in A&S International Edition, Detektor, Safe and Secure (India), Building and Investment (Malaysia), and Facebook.

Spread the news around and in the meantime, we call for your efforts to advertise FingerTec in your specific territory. If you need any assistance from us or you have some suggestions for improvement, kindly email to for a discussion. 

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ